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Jul 29, 2018

last update: 07/29 @ 16:02

Actually, we had time this afternoon before taking Sarah to the airport for a Los Tios birthday brunch. After picking up a new bike, Robert’s final birthday gift this year, he and Sarah rode over.

Of course, there had to be a sombrero picture of the birthday boy!

With that, the week of Robert birthday fun is winding down. Sarah is off to LA for a few days for work. The Los Tios sendoff is hard to beat!

Jul 28, 2018

More Tradition
last update: 07/28 @ 19:41

Back to the Lego Store with a stop at the Sushi Go-Round (Wasabi, actually) on our way out.

New this year, Robert had his birthday money to sweeten the pot. He has spent all afternoon putting together the City Ice sets we picked up for this birthday.

I’m sure he’ll spend weeks playing with them as they get merged in with the rest of his cool creations.

We had a busy birthday that included taking some schoolmates (alas, former schoolmates) to see Princess Mononoke followed by sub sandwiches, chips, cake and video games to really break in the addition to the house.

That means when Sarah gets back from her work travel, we’ll head to Los Tios for the traditional donning of the sombrero.

Jul 21, 2018

Uh… Hmm….
last update: 07/21 @ 11:00

Where have I heard about this sort of thing before?

It was late so Robert and I built the new grill in house. Something in the back of my mind made me think there may be some issue with that.

Something about building boats in garages. Oh, and smokers on back porches — way back in the last century (thank you SZap).

But this time, we have French doors to the porch so all is right with the world, or will be once it’s actually connected.

Jul 08, 2018

Fun House
last update: 07/08 @ 16:45

July 8, 2018
Another winning exhibit at the Building Museum by The Beach guys at Sharkitecture. Extra added bonus: we ran into Eleanor and parents there! More photos in the vacations section.

Jul 07, 2018

Alexandria’s Birthday!!!
last update: 07/07 @ 23:31

The weather was much cooler today so it was a no brainer to walk down to the waterfront for the fireworks. Alexandria put on a GREAT show!

If the weather is like this next year, we’ll have to go earlier to enjoy the music more.

Jul 01, 2018

Back from the Beach
last update: 07/01 @ 14:17

We’re back from Assateague Island beach camping. This trip was most remarkable for our various health issues. I got something stuck in my throat (again) and we ended up going to three medical facilities on the way down to find one that could help. The strip mall, walk-in doctors office directed us to immediate care and they then pointed us to the hospital. It’s good to live where there is good medical care that easily available.

That delayed our Wednesday arrival until pretty late. The upside was, after setting up our tents, we went looking for food and ended up at a very nice dockside restaurant in Ocean City (proving it really is about as close as it looks at night). The Marina Deck treated us very well, and they won the best crab cake award for the trip.

Thursday was a great day on the beach; not too hot, nice waves, pretty much perfect.

Friday, we headed to Wallops Island to check out NASA rocket launch facility there. We’d love to be up close for a rocket launch, but we do get to see the big ones from our Masonic Temple lookout tower here at home.

The visitor center was cool, figuratively and literally. It was worth the trip and fun to check out for rocket enthusiasts (Robert is reading Ignition at the moment, so a perfect fit.

Back at the beach Friday after lunch (the worst crab cakes of the trip) was overly exciting. We ended up with a rip tide right in front of our sun shade hangout. I think there were four different water rescues that afternoon: one of our party, one that Sarah helped out with on her paddle board and two other times for folks who didn’t see or recognize the red flag the lifeguards put up.

Saturday, Robert pulled a muscle in his lower back and was having too much trouble moving to be able to enjoy the water. He did get some quality sand time laying under the sun shade.

We decided to get him home to the AC rather than push our time much longer. And it was getting really hot, but at least there was a bit of a breeze.

This was the 29th annual trip for the group we were invited to join when Robert was going into first grade; our eighth year (we missed 2013 for our Grand Canyon trip). Rumor has it next year, the big Three Oh, will be the last. That will be a shame — but it is a huge amount of work for the organizers.

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