Remodeling, Summer 2009

May 6, 2009. It was just going to be a simple thing: we wanted to open up the bathroom a little bit. Our bathroom was a little cramped and it seems like we could get a bit more space by shifting the tub from the left to under the window. The timing was good, Sarah took a buy-out from AARP (so she'd have time to manage the work) and the mortgage rates were low enough that it made sense to refinance anyway.
Then we thought we could add a bathroom to the back laundry room. (David thought that would allow the contractor to add the new bathroom before taking out the old bathroom and we'd be able to stay in the house during the construction. He was wrong about that.) It also seemed like we could take a page from next door and wall off the back of our bedroom for a nice closet and return the space from our small bedroom closet to the bathroom -- to open it up even more (that's the closet to the left of the hallway door in the photo below). May 6, 2009.
May 6, 2009. Sarah did the research on contractors, we talked to several and settled on Jon Nordling. We talked with him about how we really just wanted to move the tub but then had these other ideas... He was sympathetic; took some measurements, showed us some ideas and then started the demolition.
It's more efficient, he assured us, to do all the demolition at one time, then bring the framing crew, follow with the plumbing crew and finish with the finish crew. We didn't realize quite how quickly and thoroughly the demolition was going to happen (that's our one bathroom on the right). We gathered up stuff and headed to Hank and Sally's for a night while Sarah was arranging for us to rent a furnished apartment for a couple months. May 16, 2009.
May 16, 2009. May 16, 2009.
April 10, 2010. When all was said and done, Jon and crew gave us a great new bathroom with much more space. It's big enough to turn around in and with a tiled wall for the shower we got rid of the wrap-around shower curtains, and the sink is big enough to keep toothbrushes and hair brushes where they are handy. Sarah did a great job, despite all the agonizing, on the tiles and color scheme.
And the new bathroom is a great (and handy) addition. The work Jon did on the back room seemed to have made space appear -- it's much more functional for us now and more inviting for guests (hint, hint). April 10, 2010.
April 10, 2010. April 10, 2010.
April 10, 2010. The new closet has made a huge difference. And you can see in the second photo that we really did need the space (or David needs to get rid of some stuff...)
We also split the big closet in Robert's room (that his furniture made impossible to get to) into a closet for him and a linen closet (another very nice addition -- sometimes it looks a bit neater than this). Jon didn't think he could do a good job covering the floor where the closet wall used to be (I think we'd exceeded the changes the budget could afford). So David took that on and channeled his dad in the staining (which is a pretty good match) and the brass screws to keep it in place. Loren was famous for using screws for many things nails would have been fine for. David likes having this reminder of his dad at home. April 10, 2010.
April 10, 2010. April 10, 2010.
April 10, 2010. Since they had to demolish the floor for the new bathroom (the joists were running the wrong way) Sarah got a new office as well. She has the best view in the house.
We are very happy with the changes and have quickly gotten used to them. We'll be enjoying them for years to come. April 10, 2010.