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Wed, 28 Sep 2022


Robert is keeping alive the first day of school photo tradition!

While he’s been at UW for a bit over a month now, most of that was the early fall start program designed to help ease freshman into campus life (especially though moving to Seattle for school).

That program is over and today was the first day of regular classes!

We’re holding our breath to hear how it went. And curious to see if Robert will stop by in the comments to tell us who’s who in this photo (roommate Ben is taller than anyone in this photo).

Here’s the traditional look back:



Avleen wrote

Whos in the photo
Hello! I'm Avleen, one of Robert's new neighbors and friend, I'm actually on the left!!

Thomas Glass wrote

Robert's Friend
I'm Thomas. I was on the right and had just woken up which is why I have no bag...

Robert wrote

Looks there is an issue with apostrophe'

David wrote

Yes, looks like a character set issue: you all are using fancy apostrophes and the character set is for simple, old school characters. I'll have to see if changing to UTF-8 causes issues or just works.... And nice to meet you (virtually) Avleen and Thomas.

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