The Destruction of 19 Sunset

We just thought it might be cool to document the destruction of 19 Sunset, the little white house next door to ours. These are from January 8th, 2005. January 8, 2005.
January 8, 2005.
The chimney came down January 11th.
January 8, 2005. January 8, 2005.
January 8, 2005. January 8, 2005.
It took several weeks (actually, a couple of months before the heavy machinery showed up to finish the leveling.
March 28, 2005. March 28, 2005.
April 4th the "small" crane showed up to drop in the basement walls...
Small is clearly in the eye of the beholder.
April 4, 2005.
April 4, 2005. April 4, 2005.
April 4, 2005. April 4, 2005.
The basement walls were up by the time the "small" crane left on the 5th. Now we're waiting for the "big" crane to arrive with the main house boxes.
Sarah took this shot of one of the boxes being manuevered into place. April 11, 2005.
And here's the stack of 5 boxes on May 12th.
April 12, 2005. April 12, 2005.
The construction has slowed down a lot with the main house building blocks in place. It now (September) has a roof, windows and it's been bricked over. It is "huge" compared to everything else on our little one block street (except for the apartment buildings -- we should count our blessings). Now there is some discussion about how to use the old, white shed; as a pre-existing structure, it does not need to conform to current building code (which requires several feet between the property line and the house). We're waiting to hear and see how much "pre-exisisting" you need in order to "re-model". September 24, 2005.
September 24, 2005. September 24, 2005.
An odd thing showed up in the middle of May...
Old appliances. That just seemed in keeping with the way this years long project has gone. Brand new house, not yet finished, and already leaving old appliances on the sidewalk. I don't remember any flyers about the annual appliance pick up day; I expect these were left for scavengers or partway through a deal. The good news: the fridge door was gone and they only sat out for a day or two.
May 16, 2006. May 16, 2006.