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Wed, 31 Oct 2018


That spooky time of year!!!

Fortunately, we have George the Giraffe to look after us.

This year, Robert decided that the kitties pumpkins needed to be carved (as well as the full-sized ones).

And he took that on free hand,

One Pinker….

…One Panzer.

For the full-sized pumpkins, we have (starting at the top)

The Stig (if you’re not familiar, you need to watch Top Gear), a traditional grumpy/scary face (now with improved? nose technique), and a dinosaur.

The fancy scroll work is all Robert; he may have found his calling.

Sarah is doing a great job of being Dolores from Westworld, the first season, before she started killing everyone.

Robert is a coral reef restoration diver. Good think we opted for the waterproof cast (hidden on his right hand).

The weather was perfect, no need for coats and Robert in shorts was fine (Sarah may even have been a little over dressed).



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