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Sun, 28 Jun 2020

Back to the river

We went back to Violette’s Lock yesterday to get out of the house, on the water, and remain socially distant.

There were some folks swimming where the rope swing used to be — note the steps up the tree. And they took this great photo. Thank you!

Sarah elected to go with a kayak for this trip because we start on the Maryland side and paddle across the river to the Virginia side above the dam and then back to the Maryland side below the rapids. A fair amount of a cross current ferry moves.

The weather was hot, but it was much cooler on the river, especially when the cool front/storm clouds blew over. We made it back home before the rains started.

The storm clouds are behind the camera for this timer picture on our way back to the Maryland side to paddle up the canal to our car.

A very nice summer outing.



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