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Sat, 09 Mar 2024

Quick trip to NY

We took a quick trip up to Long Island for a wedding last weekend.

(I’ve been fighting with network routing at home this week, more on that later.)

And I have to say, what qualifies as “low price” there is not what I would say was a low price.

Clearly, NYC has lots of good reasons to reduce cars; the price of gas is one of them.

We took advantage of the wedding being on Long Island to stop off and say “hi,” to Sophie and Ian in their new place.

We were too busy catching up and touring the very nice brownstone to take any pictures (next time).

That was a very fun, though too short, break on the drive and I hope we’ll be back soon.

This was the first time I’ve seen the built-in navigation in Corey (the Mazada) while in a tunnel. It’s very futuristic :)



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