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Sat, 09 Dec 2023

Not so much fall anymore

The heavens are supposed to open tomorrow and we expect to get dumped on by rain.

So Sarah and I took advantage of the warmer (note warmer, not warm) weather to head to Angler’s Inn.

She hiked up the Billy Goat trail and found the secret path to the top of the Maryland chute. Check out her Facebook page for her view.

I stuck with my canoe.

The water was “bracing” :)

And I noticed most of the other folks on the river were in drysuits. But I was warm enough except for my feet — my toes were getting cold.

But that does not detract from how pretty a spot it is, even with the leaves off the trees.

And I got to check in with my favorite heron again (top right corner); I bet he or she does not head south for the winter. This was on the Virginia shore; Sarah said she saw one as well, so it seems like there is a heron family in residence there.



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