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Sun, 11 Aug 2019

Perfect Day!

We had a perfect afternoon on the river.

The level was low but not too low; the Maryland chute was fun and it was easy to get back up and even drag the boats over the rocks and paddle down.

And the humidity has broken for the weekend — truly amazing to have such perfect weather for a weekend in August.

We packed up the boats and headed to Angler’s Inn.

And we even got a parking space before we were completely unloaded.

I guess we happened to time it all just right today.

There were others on the river, including a river dog, but mostly they were in one spot and we were in another.

Speaking of spots, I didn’t get a picture, but golf ball is huge now. Space for two or three helicopters :)

We’ve likely seen the last big water for the year, so it may stay huge until next spring.

After a day like today, I’m sure we’ll be back to check it out.



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