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Sun, 04 Aug 2019

Birthday Celebration Conclusion

We concluded our traditional birthday celebrations with a visit to the Sushi-go-round (Wasabi) and Lego store.

After a haircut, we started with sustenance to ensure no one passed out in the Lego store.

That was plenty of sustenance :) I’m sure we eat more, but also try more different things in the conveyor belt model.

And it is fun.

Robert had been eyeing this particular set since it showed up in a catalog. And we’ve moved to a new model where he’s paying part of the cost directly.

Initially he was disappointed that the store didn’t have what he was looking for, and he started debating getting something different, getting something small and ordering what he wanted online, or trying the store in Pentagon City (which lacks the sushi appeal).

And then he realized someone had put back a non-Star Wars set in the Star Wars section. Moving that out of the way revealed the Tantive IV he was looking for.

Several hours later, he had it put together and ready to show off.

Which was great as Jenny was visiting to finish out a week of conference here after moving to Tennessee last summer. We miss them and it’s been a nice visit.



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