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Fri, 01 Nov 2019

Group Muse

It’s like this, see…

Sarah arranged another Group Muse for us. And we invited Will and Anna (and parents).

Before the musicians started to play, the teenagers had a contest to see who could make the best Nationals logo. I think Will won (but John thinks Anna won).

However, I give Robert props for most creative — baby shark (with pacifier and baseball cap).

Which is pretty cool.

But not as cool as the musicians: we had duet to start with.

And then a quartet.

It was great!!!

About a quarter of the audience were musician friends. About a quarter found the concert on group muse and came by.
About half were our friends.

It was great mix. We all liked the music; the musicians seemed to enjoy the audience.

It was a lovely way to wind down from a long week and celebrate Dia de los Muertos — Martha would be proud.

And we managed to get some of the excess Halloween candy eaten :)



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