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Sun, 12 Feb 2023

Great Memories

When we came back from Christmas in Decatur, Loren and Susan told us it was our turn to keep some of the Williams family treasures.

So we have Loren’s walking stick, which the brothers gave to him at his 80th birthday party.

And the Rivendell puzzle. A custom jigsaw puzzle made from a photo of the Rivendell bed and breakfast Loren and Sarah ran for several years.

The B&B was on a ridge over the Watuga river several miles outside of Boone. You had to want to go there, it was not a casual, drop in kind of place.

With Carolee visiting, we took that down from the shelf and had a lot of fun putting to together.

It’s not a large puzzle.

And does not have a lot of pieces.

But the pieces are carefully cut to make it hard to put together.

And most fun, the pieces are cut into shapes of things important to the family and location: a knife, fork and spoon; a wine glass; a deer; one piece spells out Rivendell.

It really was a fun way to spend the evening, reminiscing with Carolee and thinking about all our parents and others no longer with us.



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