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Sun, 08 May 2011

Busy Mother’s Day
After the Battleship round this morning, we picked up lunch and headed back to Fort Washington. We thought it was pretty cool a couple week ago when we finally took the time to find the place we’d seen from Mount Vernon and Fort Hunt.

But this time, we did it the way Sarah really wanted to: storming the fort from the river. (You can just see the lighthouse in this photo—the fort is above and to the right of the lighthouse.)

We spent a little bit of time driving up and down the GW Parkway looking for a likely spot before getting to Sheridan Point. Which was a little disconcerting since we couldn’t see Fort Washington from there. But after looking at maps and plotting a bit, we realized it was just behind the trees…

Not long after we started paddling, we spied the fort and set our sights on her. Actually, on the lighthouse at the Potomac’s edge.

After a couple minutes gauging the speed of the motorized, and much larger, boat traffic (and talking a little bit about Huck Finn), we crossed the channel in a very light rain—which was perfect for hiding our approach from the defenders. (That’s Sheridan Point behind Sarah’s left shoulder.)

After a brief stop for lunch—it’s hard work paddling across the Potomac—we stormed the fort.

The first door we tried was still locked tight. But the main entrance was open (they must not have suspected we’d try a sneak attack). It was a lot of fun to check out the cannon emplacements and jail cells. And the weather turned glorious. (That’s the Woodrow Wilson bridge you can almost see spanning the Potomac.)

After crossing back to our side of the river, we checked on the kittens before heading out to La Strada for a nice Mother’s Day dinner.



SZap wrote

Best Mother's Day Evah
Thanks guys! Maybe next time we can pretend to be pirates. Aaarrrrg mateys! :) Thanks. -Z

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