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Thu, 23 Nov 2023

Thanksgiving part one

Robert didn’t think his schedule would allow for coming home to Alexandria for Thanksgiving.

But his schedule changed and Sarah was able to find him flights and so we had a perfect reason for the first fire of the season.

A nice warm game of Catan — when Robert smoked us in surprisingly short order.

It was fun, but too short a game (from my point of view) — I could have gotten longest road back if he didn’t swoop in an win so fast.

And, following the tradition of recent years, David Z. arranged for hockey tickets. The seats were great and the game excellent: we didn’t think the Caps had a chance.

A game tying score in the last two minutes sent it into overtime.

And a game winning score with 3 seconds left in overtime was an astounding conclusion!



SZ wrote

Great Picture
Don't know how I missed this picture but it's great!

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