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Sun, 12 Feb 2023

Fun visit

Carolee came up to DC for a conference and was able to come a couple days early and stay with us.

We had a lovely dinner Friday at our newest favorite local spot.

Saturday, we took advantage of the fantastic weather and headed to Great Falls (Virgina side).

Doug, who saw where we were, asked a good question: why “Olmsted Island?”

I’ll get some of what Carolee found out later wrong, but Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr. was on the Park Improvement Commission for the District of Columbia.

So the island just downstream of the the main falls (to the right of these photos) is Olmsted Island to honor him.

Doug’s question, which Carolee posed to one of the rangers we met on our walk, caused him to go, “hmm… I’ve got some research to do.”

Which was fun, it’s often hard to stump a park service ranger.

It may have been mid-February, but it was a beautiful mid-February afternoon. And it was great to have someone to share that fun spot with, to learn a little more history and inspire a park ranger to learn a bit more about their park.



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