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Sat, 17 Dec 2022

And Sarah gave me…

Not this huge wheel of cheese. Yes, I’ve been known to bring back a wheel of Gouda from Bonaire, but this is clearly too much cheese for one household.

Sarah gave me a cheese tasting at Cheesetique which was great fun.

And Jill, the owner and cheesemaster, noted they would be “cutting the cheese” today. It was a 55 pound wheel of Gruyere lovingly hand crafted.

So, of course, we went by to watch, taste and buy some. And I also picked up a bit more of a couple cheeses from the tasting.

More great tastes for my birthday!!!

That’s Jill taking the picture of the cutting. I imagine it will show up on the web site or in advertising for the next cheese cutting session.

The trick is to first score the rind then use the wire garrote to slice it half. Then you can use the open face to further slice it with the wire.



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