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Sun, 18 Sep 2022

Another pretty day on the river

It was another beautiful afternoon.

Sarah and I headed to Angler’s Inn

Just to play around.

We were not the only ones out there.

But there was plenty of fun to be had by all.

We played abound a bit in the Maryland chute.

(I said it was hard but not impossible to flip the inflatable.)

And headed across the river to play around a bit in the Virginia chute.

We even got to see someone’s first descent.

He was on a paddleboard and did OK.

Well, it’s a forgiving spot.

He fell off the paddleboard above the drop.

And he fell off the paddleboard below the drop.

But he was having a good time and carried back up to run it again.

We enjoyed watching him learn to respect the current.

And we enjoyed playing around in the current ourselves.

It really was a lovely afternoon.

I’m looking forward to many more.



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