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Sun, 04 Sep 2022

Back on the Potomac

With Robert settling in to his new routine, Sarah and I headed to the Potomac this afternoon.

It’s been a while since we’ve run Anglers to Lock 10.

This time, with two cars, no need to wave down a taxi or Lyft for the shuttle.

That helped to make sure I had my paddle this time.

The water level was a bit low.

But we still had a fun time on the river out on a pretty day.

It was fun to see what we could see at low water.

And I have to confess to missing a brace at the end of Yellow Falls.

But I went back out play there. Thank you SZap for the excelleng photo.

I expect we’ll do more of this with Covid fading and Rober doing his own thing on the other coast.



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