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Sat, 13 Aug 2022

Flown the coop!!!

Sarah and Robert drove down to Huntsville yesterday. Unfortunately they missed seeing Jess and Brown because Brown has Covid.

(I would be remiss to not point out that Robert found Audible has The Incredible Adventures of Jack Flanders available; now he and Sarah have heard more about Jack Flanders than I have. Something I will clearly have to correct!)

But they did get to meet up with Aaron in Huntsville for what looks like a cool cave hike.

And they are getting to have dinner with him tonight.

Robert checks into Space Camp Elite tomorrow and then Sarah will wind her relaxed way back to Alexandria.

As Space Camp ends, we’re flying out to Seattle to meet Robert.

We’ll be bringing his college stuff; he’ll be bringing dirty clothes :)

He’s starting his early fall start program at UW!

He is incredibly psyched to have gotten into the Engineering program there and is really looking forward to it.

It should be an excellent fit for his interests both academic and environmental: no more swampy, humid summer weather. Having family in Seattle makes the move less scary and more fun, I’m sure.

Before all the traveling, Sarah arranged for another round of “Porch Portraits” from Joseph. Not our porch this time, Jones Point and the old light house there.

Joseph does a Great job!

Sarah has been getting ready for this for some time. I think all the help she has offered getting Robert thinking about and actually packing has helped set her mind on the fact that we are launching him on his next great adventure.

I just came back from the grocery store and realized I was very blue: for the last 18 years there has always been something to get at the store for Robert, but not today.

For me, his next great move is just now becoming real. And I’m looking forward to hearing about all his new adventures!



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