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Tue, 11 Jan 2022

Snow (delayed post)

We had a great heavy, big (for us) snowstorm last week.

Unfortunately, it came on the heals of the holiday break.

So while I walked in to the (closed) office, Robert got to get out the sleds and enjoy the snow.

He also took on the lion’s share of clearing the sidewalk and car.

I wish I’d been able to join in the sledding, but “Closed” has a new meaning in the Telework age. In the federal space, weather events can close access to the buildings, but you’re still expected to telework if you can.

Photo by SZap

While I could, I’m more productive in the office and had that option (even though we were closed). So, after two weeks off, I went in and missed on the sledding. (I did get to join him and Ian on a hill in Seattle while we were there.)

Sarah, who took that photo, split her time between telework and some snow enjoyment.

Between that snow, and a refreeze and second, smaller snow, Robert’s holiday break grew by a week — but he did have some on-line classes to pay attention to.

He’s happy to be back in school, in person now. And I expect, Will, who joined him on the slopes, agrees.



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