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Sun, 25 Jul 2021

Nice day on the river

The traditional trip to the Lego store followed by Sushi-go-round was yesterday.

Robert spent most of the afternoon and evening building the Mustang set. Pictures to come of that.

And we watched some Olympics yesterday.

And again this morning.

But it was time to get out of the house by this afternoon.

Robert met up at a volleyball court for some outdoor volleyball (and injured his knee a bit).

Sarah and I headed to Angler’s Inn and paddled up the gorge.

It was a perfect day for it.

The occasional slip off the board or attempt to roll the canoe were felt great. And the threat of rain held off (we did hear some distant thunder).

For the record, it looks easier to roll a canoe on Youtube than I found it to be. That is still a work in progress.



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