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Mon, 18 Jan 2021

Crazy Times…

Sarah and I took a walk down to the river this morning to check out the Coast Guard presence.

Still there: the USCGC Lawerence Lawson, a sentinel class cutter.

I decided to walk back down closer to sunset with the “real” camera to see if I could get a better picture than I could with my cell phone.

It’s appalling to me that we need this kind of overwhelming show of force to ensure a peaceful transfer of power.

But I’m optimistic that with the 25,000 troops and police of various stripes and our own coast guard cutter on the river (along with several fast, small gun boats) and who knows what all on standby at Andrews air force base the transfer will be peaceful and orderly and we can all get on with our lives.

It is a very surreal time in our little town.

I just really hope it gets a lot less surreal and a lot more normal soon. Vaccines are getting into arms (thank you Sarah for you time volunteering with the Medical Reserve Corps) so that normality has be on the way.



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