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Tue, 11 Aug 2020

More news later…

… Right now, we’re enjoying being out of the heat and humidity of Alexandria. We drove up to Maine and are loving our little cove-side house and rental kayaks.

We’ve been gunkholing around the cove, marvelling at the always impressive tidal changes.

No tidal bore here but some impressive currents between islands.

And so far, Robert’s recycled boat is the winner. He thought to grab the bottles for flotation and they have served him well for the “Glass Drift One.”

“Rocky,” my entrant in the contest did not go well. I had thought the right sized rock would hold my sticks and birch bark together. I was mistaken. Or, more accurately, I didn’t have the right sized rock.

Sarah’s woven birch bark is the winner, so far, for style.



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