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Sat, 18 Jul 2020

Summer School

TC requires all graduates to have taken Economics and Personal Finance. That’s a good thing for folks joining adulthood and having to manage their own finances, bills and savings.

But it’s not a super hard class.

And it does take some time.

So Robert, and many of this friends, have decided to take it on-line during the summer school session. That will free up a slot for a more interesting and fun elective (Robert — and his parents — is hoping for culinary arts).

And he’s working through the class extra fast in order to have next week free for the NASA / Wallops internship.

But, as Sarah was out running an errand, he decided to get fully geared up while taking the class to check out her reaction to his new look. No, this is not really a reaction to coronavirus; just a way to make a less interesting class a little more interesting.



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