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Sun, 05 Jul 2020

Porch Portraits

Sarah saw that Joseph Edwards, Single Eye, was doing Porch Portraits as a way to document these crazy, coronavirus times.

He came by Friday evening and we had fun posing for the camera.

But we really enjoyed visiting after the pictures were in can.

Joseph was Robert’s sixth grade teacher so there was a lot of catching up to do.

We got the scoop on how Burgundy is doing with remote education and what their plans are for the coming school year.

And, as Joseph has kids younger and older than Robert, his parental percpective was also fun to plug into.

In these socially distant times it really was a treat to sit and talk with someone outside our “pod” about how the world looks from a different perspective.

I don’t think we realized (I know I didn’t realize) how visitor starved we were. It was great fun to have Joseph stop by. I know we will enjoy the photos for years (expect to see some of his work in next year’s tax day letter), but the immediate time spent chatting was an excellent break from our lock-in norm.

Not total lock-in…

Robert enjoyed a birthday party yesterday (Khaleel has the best birthday for a party). And then he joined his friend Will on their family’s boat to watch the fireworks last night.

He said it was a great day!

Sarah and I enjoyed a dinner outside of Theisman’s, which seems to be getting better after the change in ownership a year or so ago.



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