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Thu, 02 Jul 2020

More crazy times…

Alexandria, along with the Commonwealth of Virginia, has moved into phase 3 of the post Covid-19 world. Things are opening a bit more but folks are still generally on edge.

The Federal government, OPM, is still strongly urging telework for all who can. PTO has started to ease the mandate for telework and is allowing some folks, with good reason, back into the building.

I made the case that I have a good reason and was allowed in this week (my request for next week was approved too late so I expect to be teleworking next week).

They have said the building could have up to 25% of normal staff provided no shared work spaces. We’re fortunate to generally have more offices than cubicles.

But it’s pretty eerie to be in that big a building with so few other folks.

I saw one worker bee on my floor, and I only saw him on Monday.

I’ve seen the guards both at the entrances and walking their rounds.

And I appreciate seeing the custodial staff on their rounds as well.

Clearly nothing like 25% occupancy this past week — of course with the holiday weekend, it would be more lightly staffed anyway.

There are signs up all over the place: the entrance doors note masks are required, the elevator lobbies have footprints 6 feet apart and reminders not to touch the buttons, the stairwell doors remind you to keep 6 feet apart and note that the handrails get disinfected daily. And the pantries have a full set of what to look out for, how to wear a mask and how to wash your hands.

It is going to seem really odd when the atrium is full and loud again.



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