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Thu, 28 May 2020

Crazy Times

In these crazy, stay at home times, we’re very fortunate. We’ve each set up a work space of our own.

Sarah has the most experience having been teleworking at HUB for years before this latest, full-time, all-the-time telework order.

She has her spot in the living room (currently also the train room as Robert has rediscovered the joys of complex train layouts). He never saw the N-gauge track I had in Richmond or the plans his paternal grandfather had for the basement of their garage in Seven Devils.

And you can see one of the birthday balloons — they are hanging in well — and Robert’s head way back in addition completed just about two years ago. (Excellent timing for the extra and lovely space).

Robert has more physical paperwork than Sarah and I and some has taken up some space next to his desk. (The drawers are full of other important things.)

And his allegiance to home town teams is clear.

Often he’ll work on school work to a soundtrack from his phone. This photo is from one of the times with only one set of headphones on. You’ll have to ask him to explain why he often needs two.

And I have the office that came with the house, in the basement. I don’t always have these two companions, but Sarah got this great picture when they were both camped out with me.

I’ve adapted to the full-time TW by following as much of my old routine as possible. I’m on the clock when dressed for work (but my work shoes are still in the office), and off the clock when I change back to my more casual clothes.

In addition to the good timing on the addition, I finally decided to drop the theoretical benefits of DSL for the bigger pipe possible with cable Internet access. Our commercial cable connection is serving us well and easily supports the three video calls often going on simultaneously.

As I said, we are very fortunate.



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