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Sat, 23 May 2020

Odd Birthday

In this time of physical distance, Robert and I plotted a bit for Sarah’s birthday.

To celebrate without our traditional Los Tios sombrero, Robert harkened back to my dad’s 80th and declared we should have balloons strewn about the place.

I thought big balloons would be fun.

But I didn’t realize how big big could be. These were huge balloons!

And the expression on Sarah’s face when she came down in the morning was great; we almost bowled her over in surprise.

And speaking of surprise, Robert thought to sneak her gift, two wooden Red Line metro cars, into a balloon. Before I realized how big these were (including inflation collar), I thought that would be impossible.

However, that was the most unique wrapping ever!.

That pink balloon in front of Robert has the two train cars in it.

While Sarah was volunteering at the health department, answering calls about the coronavirus and I was working in my covid-19 basement office, Robert baked Sarah this great cake with both dark and milk chocolate frosting.

And note how it’s surrounded by the train cars.



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