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Wed, 02 Oct 2019

More game time…

Photo by SZap

Sarah got this great shot at the game last night.

The Titans are doing well this year: 4 and 2 so far.

The team is really coming together and the games have been a blast to watch.

Some of the volleys and saves are getting really impressive.

And even with a bigger team (the interest in boys volleyball is growing), Robert is getting more game time.

Having such a nice court at his school is great for home games; we’re still lined up to go back to the volleyball center for a couple more Saturday matches. That’s a haul for us.

It’s great to see the team gel and the level of play grow.

New this year: Robert got another friend in the neighborhood — they shared some classes last year and still share a bus this year — to join up. Will seems to be enjoying it too.



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