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Mon, 16 Sep 2019

Another beautiful day!

Sunday was another great day for getting on the river.

It was a little hot in the sun, but once on the river it was fine. The water level is a bit low, about 2.8 but the water temperature is cool so it was very pleasant.

I’m sorry Robert was getting ahead on homework (lots of evening plans this week). And that Sarah felt a little bit off and decided to stay home.

I went back to Little Falls and this time I thought to stop and get a couple pictures on the way.

That first rapid is about halfway down. Nice waves, few obstacles and huge eddy on the right.

This time I started at the lock 5 parking lot and carried up the tow path to the path over to the feeder canal. From there, it is a little upstream paddle to get to the gates for some warm up then down the Z Channel into the main river.

At 2.8 the Z Channel is just passable for my canoe. I worry that if it drops much lower, I may have to walk the last drop in the channel.

Little Falls itself was fun, as always. This time I was felt more comfortable and in control than last weekend.

And it’s great to be able to get out there two weekends in a row.

I couldn’t help myself and had to try to get a self portrait with the rapid in the background.

If nothing else, the beautiful weather should be clear.

The carry up to the C & O Canal is not too bad, and they have water in it now so it’s an easy paddle back to the car.
a perfect circular run!



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