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Sat, 24 Nov 2018

Fantastic Friday

David Z. arranged a great post Thanksgiving day for the extended family today:

We met up at the Folger Library for a tour. Apparently David ran into Michael Witmore, the Director, in Seattle and so arranged a tour today.

Not just any tour, but they managed to pull together some very cool artifacts from their collection for us to look at including a 17th century map (Sarah the geographer was thrilled) and a block print from down on the river in the winter including a proto-hockey player.

We toured the theater (where Robert performed twice as part of the middle/high school competition) and the reading room — seen here.

Then, in the founder’s room, they had laid out those items from the collection for us to peruse. Note the first folio in the foreground. One of 82 in the collection — they wanted enough to be able to track the corrections made during printing.

And then we took a quick turn through the Library of Congress on our way to see the Washington DC Capitols beat the Detroit Red Wings.

Beside the Haragadons, who all play hockey, the recent addition of Holtby (the Caps goalie) to Robert’s old school gives us another connection to hockey.

Michael was great, enthusiasic and obviously well versed in the library, theater and all things Shakespeare; he called on Rachel, one of the two lead librarians, who pulled the items from the collection and told us all a bit about them.



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