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Mon, 27 Jun 2016

Break from the heat

We’re back from our Great Britain trip. We managed to make it through lots of mainland Scotland (seeing Urquhart Castle along with several others).

And spent several days on the Isle of Mull (beautiful weather there for a walk in the woods and pony trek).

And even ride the Hogwart’s Express — or the Jacobite, a close impostor.

After our jaunt through Scotland, we headed south to London and were able to take in some of the sites there as well.

Most fun: meeting up with Sam, Lynn and David Z. across the pond.

Our London hotel was perfectly located, we just strolled by Buckingham Palace for this selfie after we checked in.

And the museums we had time to see were all great fun and very informative.

Way too many more photos in the vacations section (be patient, it will take a while to load all the pictures). I really hope we go back with more time on our hands.



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