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Sat, 06 Nov 2010

Spatial Relationships

I think it went like this: We went to Atlantis for dinner on Friday; Robert was a bit tired after his school field trip and he borrowed a pen from Sarah to doodle on the placemat. The pen ran out of ink and he borrowed a Sharpie (I’m not sure why Sarah carries a Sharpie, but clearly it’s a good thing). Robert noticed the ink bled through and you could see it on the back. So I suggested he write his name then flip it over and see how it looks.

That was cool so we held up the reversed (back-side of the placemat) writing to the chrome napkin holder to see how that worked. He was pretty fascinated and decided to write his name backwards on the back-side of the placemat. The result was a bit disappointing — the order of the letters was correct but the letters themselves were reversed.

So, of course, he flipped the placemat back over and wrote his name backwards and reversed each letter as he went. Flipping it back over, it was a perfect, “Robert” — Sarah and were stunned by how easily he’d done that. I guess it helps that writing is still pretty new and novel and he’s still working on how to form the letters to start with.



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