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May 12, 2011

Cute Kitties
last update: 05/12 @ 21:29
I carried them down to the kitchen for a final dinner of the evening and after they were through, I carried them back up. Not that they have trouble with the stairs, but I didn’t want to leave the extra food out, and after carrying them down, I felt it was only fair to carry them back up.

10 minutes later, there they were back in the kitchen keeping me company. And 5 minutes after that, asleep on the chair.

I’ve got to get a nice photo of Zip Drive to put here so he’s not too jealous. That’s Panzer on the left — a few minutes after this picture he was sitting up, then his eyes closed and he waved a little bit and I thought he was going to fall over asleep, but he stretched himself back out. And on the right is Pinker — she’s just been asleep.

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