Seattle Trip, August 2003

We had a great, if over short, visit to Seattle to celebrate David Zapolsky's 40th. Harry and Elle were out as well, so we all had a chance to visit and play in the Pacific Northwest. We were able to visit the REI mother store (not that we needed to, but their Labor Day sale was just getting underway), and replenish our Dilettante's chocolate chip stash. Seattle's skyline by ferry.
The remodeled Zapolsky-Brown abode. But the first thing we did was admire the beautiful remodeling job Lindsay and David did on their already lovely house.
The remodeled Zapolsky-Brown abode. The remodeled Zapolsky-Brown abode. David, Vernon and Mary Ann enjoy the afternoon.
Elle and Harry hiking in the Olympics. We took the ferry across to a short but steep hike on the Olympic Pennisula. (The weather was just spectacular the week we were there: bright and sunny, highs in the upper 70s or mid 80s and lows in the mid 50s. The word was this has been the best summer in memory.)
Sarah in the Olympics. Sarah and Lindsay in the Olympics.
Sarah and Lindsay hiking in the Olympics. David in the Olympics (photo by Sarah).
David, Sarah, Ian and Lindsay in the Olympics. Sarah and Ian leaving virtual footprints (photo by Sarah).
The ferry trip back at sunset was spectacular; Mt Ranier was out, the sailboats were out and the weather couldn't have been better. Mt. Ranier, ferry and sailboat by ferry.
Seattle's skyline by ferry. Mt. Ranier and sailboat by ferry.
Sarah in the Cascades. The next day, we headed east to a lovely hike along Denny creek in the Cascades. This creek comes complete with a great water slide. How often do you think sliding down a rock slide in snow melt would feel good just outside of Seattle?
Sarah takes the first cold plunge. Ian creek sliding.
Ian creek sliding. Sarah and David Z. creekside.
Lindsay relaxes creekside. Harry and Elle relax creekside.
Some of us were happy to enjoy the view and sounds rather than the cool of the creek... The pretty creek in the Cascades.
Dinner in the Pavilion. The "official" birthday party began with dinner in the Pavilion before the Everett AquaSox trounced Vancouver in baseball.
Harry and Elle at the Pavilion (photo by Sarah).
Lindsay at the AquaSox Pavilion. Everett AquaSox baseball.
Ian running the bases. The birthday party celebrants.
Then Ian (and 8 million other kids) got to run the bases before the closing fireworks show. It was another great evening.
We topped it all off with an excellent concert by Garrison Keillor (who is too shy to allow photos). All in all, a fabulous trip!
David and Sarah on the ferry (photo by Sarah).

Mt. Ranier, ferry and sailboat by ferry.

Vacation notes: