Williams - Tyler 75th Reunion Videos

on the Video created on the occasion of the
Seventy Fifth Reunion
of the
Williams-Tyler Families
Norway, South Carolina
May 2, 2015

At the request of several members of our family, I conducted the very amateurish tour of the Willow Swamp Baptist Church Cemetery on May 2, 2015. It was videoed and edited by my friend and former pastor Andy Hunter. He also recorded much of the other proceedings of the 75th annual reunion and created this video. We owe him a huge "Thank You". Copies of the Video are available from me or the Secretary of the Reunion. The following errors are noted in the Williams-Tyler 75th Reunion video:

  1. Fred Bell is buried in Greenwood Memorial Gardens near Greenwood. However, Lanier Bell spent his life in Columbia and is buried in Greenlawn Cemetery in Columbia.
  2. While Leland Williams "rediscovered" the gravesite of Hiram Williams in Stonewall Cemetery, located within Mt. Hebron Cemetery, near Winchester, Virginia, in the 1990’s and was responsible for the efforts to restore Hiram’s tombstone, Leland’s father Uncle Wyman L. Williams had originally located the gravesite prior to 1980.
  3. Stanwix Williams was a pilot in the U. S. Navy, not the Air Force.

These errors are mine. If other misstatements are discovered, please call them to my attention. I have used Uncle Wyman L Williams' booklet, The Williams and Tyler Families, as my source. Uncle Wyman was a man of scrupulous detail and he spent many hours in research (amazingly, without a computer) before publishing his booklet in 1949 and updating it in 1980. It is thought his publication is without error. His booklet is the authoritative source of family history information. Please refer to it if questions arise. Thanks.

James C. "Jimmy" Williams, Jr.
jwiljrj "at" netscape.net

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