The Minutes of the Annual Williams-Tyler Family Reunion, 2008

68th Meeting of the Williams-Tyler Families

On Saturday, May 3, 2008 approximately twenty-five members of the Williams and Tyler families gathered in reunion in the fellowship hall at Willow Swamp Baptist Church, near Norway, SC. The meeting began at 11:30 and was called to order by Ann Joye Allen, who was standing in for the president, Kellum Allen, who was unable to attend. Leland Williams offered a meaningful devotion on prayer.

The minutes of the previous reunion were read by Belva Bailey in the absence of Beth King, secretary. They were approved as read. Treasurer, Jimmy Williams, reported a balance of $170 in the treasury after the day’s expenses were paid and suggested that the usual collection of funds be suspended for this year.

A discussion followed about the ownership of the plot of land at Tyler’s Landing where the reunion was held for many years, ending in 1989 when it moved to Norway First Baptist Church for several years and then to Willow Swamp Church. Jimmy Williams reported that the land has not been sold and is presently not being used.

Ann Joye Allen then suggested that family members recall memories of former reunions at Tyler’s Landing. Milton Dufford recalled a piano being brought on a truck and used for accompanying singing by the family. Other family members told of swimming in the swift, black Edisto River, having a dressing room added for changing into swimsuits, the print dresses that many of the older ladies wore, the peaches brought by Mattie Lee and Roy Bonnette, watermelon chilling in the river, and everyone dumping the tea they brought into a large container to produce the best sweet tea in the world.

Marriages reported:

  • Elizabeth Ann Arnette married John Martin Murdaugh on March 29, 2008. They reside in Oaktie, SC. She is the granddaughter of the late Tom and Elizabeth Curlee.
  • Marion Elizabeth Proctor married Gary Filmore on April 12, 2008. They live in Bluffton, SC. She is the daughter of Jeb Proctor and the granddaughter of Grace Proctor.
  • Brackie Williams married Janet Sutcliffe on Jan. 25, 2008. He is the son of the late Laverne and Louise Williams.
  • William Burden Bookhart, I1I married Melanie Welch on July 19, 2007. He is the son of Faye Williams Bookhart and the late William B. Bookhart, Jr.

Births are recorded in the private section of the site and the paper file copy of Williams/Tyler Reunions; they are not included in the public minutes for security reasons.

Deaths reported:

  • Christabel Williams, daughter of Shelley and the late Hazel Williams, died January 12, 2008.

The nominating committee, composed of Ann Joye Mullis, Leland Williams, and Cornelia Williams, presented the following slate of officers which were unanimously approved by those present.

  • President: Kellum Allen
  • Secretary: Beth Williams King
  • Treasurer: Jimmy Williams

Following the blessing of the food, a delicious lunch was enjoyed and family members visited with each other.

Submitted by Belva Bailey for Beth King

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