The Minutes of the Annual Williams-Tyler Family Reunion, 2003

(These Minutes were read at the May 1, 2004 Williams-Tyler Reunion)

These are the Minutes from the 63rd Annual Williams-Tyler Reunion which was held on May 3, 2003

The 63rd Annual Williams-Tyler Reunion was held at Willow Swamp Baptist Church Fellowship Hall on May 3, 2003 at 11:30.

At 12:00 Milton Dufford, Pres welcomed everyone and introduced Jo Dufford gave our devotional. She had reviewed the Williams-Tyler book published by Wyman L. Williams in 1980 and was struck by 3 strong elements of our family's history: God, family and country. She recounted how her mother in law Roberta Williams Dufford who died May 7, 2002 taught Adult Sunday School and sang in the choir at the Resurrection Lutheran Church in Cameron for over 50 years. Jo then read scripture from Psalm 71:17-18 and closed the devotional with prayer.

Milton welcomed the family of the grandson of Levi Tyler from Dublin and Macon, Georgia. Jimmy Williams (Norway) explained that Levi and Ann Tyler had 5 children: Annie Elizabeth, Braxton Bragg, Dan Tyler, a child who died at the age of 4 or 5 and Levi Jr who moved to Georgia. The Tylers in attendance were: James Wyman, Brandi, Lamar, and Al Brodie. They graciously invited us all to attend the Tyler family reunion tomorrow always held on the 1st Sunday in May in Statesboro. Cousin Jimmy (Norway) and Mickey and Randy Williams attended the Tyler reunion in 2003.

Milton asked Jimmy to thank his secretary Peggy Smith for getting the mailings done for invitations to our reunion. Jimmy Williams (W. Va) was thanked for bringing his family tree computer layout and everyone was asked to update the tree as needed. Leland Williams displayed pictures of our ancestors with offers to mail prints for reasonable costs. The count was 48 people in attendance.

We paused for silent prayer to remember the Deaths in the family in the past year:
Roberta Williams Dufford May 7, 2002,
Lois Martin Williams, Nov 29, 2002
Lavern Williams Nov 26, 2002
Evelyn Allen May 18, 2002
Births are recorded in the private section of the site and the paper file copy of Williams/Tyler Reunions; they are not included in the public minutes for security reasons.

Marriages celebrated were Margaret Williams' Grandchildren: Margoe Cloer Williams to Nelson McDonald date_____2003 in Atlanta Ga. Ginny Byar and Marshall B. Williams III date____________2002 in Aiken SC And son of Sally and Brag Williams--Martin Williams to Crystal Crider on May 25, 2002.

Business Meeting: Laurel Hill secretary was not able to be with us. Esther Dufford read the minutes from the 2002 meeting in her absence. They were approved and accepted with no changes.

Jimmy Williams (Norway) Treas reported the balance of funds in the Williams-Tyler account at about 400.00. He asked that everyone give to the fund. This money pays for the rental of the fellowship hall of 35.00 and paper products for the meal. We will also have costs associated with the publication of an update to the Williams-Tyler history that Jimmy is in charge of. July 1, 2003 is the deadline for sending in family updates to him to be included in the book. He does not know what the cost will be yet.

Milton Dufford asked that a spokesperson from each family tell who was in attendance today.
The Tylers: James Wyman, Brandi, Lamar, Al Brodie,
Laura Bell Williams: none,
Hiram Williams: Charles,
Oscar Tyler Williams: Milton and Esther Dufford, Tyler and Judy Dufford, Joe and Jo Dufford, Edna H. Williams, Randy, Mickey and Grant Williams and his guest Katherine, Bob Williams and Chellie Williams, James, Beth, James Lee and Katherine King.
Shellie Williams - none,
Bragg Williams: Louise, Braxton (Brackie) Bragg and Salley, and Jimmy Williams,
Annie Lou Williams: Ann Joy, H.S. Allen, Kellum Allen and Jane.
Proctor: Grace and Chrissy.
Ollie Mae Williams: Blonde, Jack and Wendy, Zachary and Haley,.
Wyman L. Williams: Leland, Camila, (Camilia corrected to Cornelia at 2004 reunion) Sarah.
(Springfield) Woodrow Williams: Kathleen Williams

Nominating Committee (Jimmy, Leland, Milton) nominated
Beth King for Secretary, Jimmy Williams for Treasurer, Bragg Williams for President. These officers were elected unanimously and duly elected. The business meeting was adjourned.

Everyone was reminded to sign the attendance book and return name tags. Jim King returned thanks. A covered dish meal was enjoyed by everyone.

Respectfully submitted by Beth W. King, Sec May 1, 2004

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