Minutes for the Seventy-Third Williams-Tyler Family Reunion — May 4, 2013

Family and friends gathered at the Willow Swamp Baptist Church Fellowship Hall to celebrate the seventy-third family reunion. The meeting was called to order by Brenda Bell Johnson, president. In the abscence of scretary, Barbar Coker, Belva Baily read the minutes of the previous reunion and they were approved as read.

This was followed by the treasurer's report prepared by Jimmy Williams. It was as follows:

Balance on hand 5-6-2011 $629.93
Expenses: 2011 taxes $61.33
Expenses: Postage $20.00
Expenses: Paper products $20.00
Expenses: Rent $50.00
Total expenses: $151.33
Balance on hand 5-4-2012 $478.60
Collections on 5-4-2012 + $219.00
Rent for Fellowship Hall - $50.00
Balance on hand 5-4-2013 $647.60

The family was updated on births, deaths and marriages by various family memebers.

Births are recorded in the private section of the site and the paper file copy of Williams/Tyler Reunions; they are not included in the public minutes for security reasons.
Kahterine Annlouise Williams married Dale Vernon Fenton on April 20, 2013 at Edisto Island. They reside in Greenvile, SC. She is the great greanddaughter of Braxton Bragg Williams, Jr.
Evans Cooper Williams died on January 3, 2012. He was the son of Wyman Loren and Lorraine Hendry Williams.
William Burden Bookhart, III died on April 18, 2013. He was the son of Faye Williams Bookhart Miller and the late William Burden Bookhart, Jr.

Property at Tyler's landing was discussed. We are continuing to pay taxes on the property but no concensus was reached and discussion will resume next year at the reunion

The different family groups were reconized. The Tyler family was represented by Al Tyler and Al Tyler, Jr. Al Brodie of the Wagener Tylers, and author of WILLIAM AND ANN CARTER TYLER AND SOME OF THEIR DESCENDANTS 1604-2008, reported on a recent discovery. He received a phone call from a Ryan Tyler of Atlanta claiming he was a cousin. After following up on Ryan's information his claim was confirmed. The Williams-Tyler families at our reunion are descended from Catherine Annie Elizabeth Tyler (who married B. B. Williams, Sr.) and Daniel Swift Tyler (who married B. B.'s half aunt, Janie Williams). Catherine and Daniel were childern of Levi Sylvester Tyler, a son of William Tyler, Jr. who was a son of William Tyler, Sr. Previously known children of William, Sr. were: Henry, Martha, Elizabeth, Jane, Nancy Ann, William, Jr., Elisha and Mary Ann. Through court documents in the May 1825 SC Court of Appeals case of George Pooser and others v. Thomas Tyler and others it is now known that William, Sr. had another son, Thomas and an additonal son, Absalom, by his second wife. Ryan and his father, Clifton, are descendants of Thomas. At this time nothing is known of Absalom.

The current officers agreed to serve for another year: Brenda Jillson, president, Barbara Coker as secretary and Jimmy Williams as treasurer. There was no other new business.

Brenda Jillson presented devotional thoughts for the day. She discussed how opening up to other people makes one vulnerable and by trying to avoid vulnerability we put up barriers to other people. She cited, however, that Jesus showed by his example that we need to open up our real selves to others as he did, even to the point of crucifixion. She summed up her thoughts with the theme that says we should not fear opening up to others, because by becoming vulnerable and gaining relationships with others we also gain relationship and connection with God.

The blessing was asked by Bob Bailey adn the group continued fellowship around the table with a bountiful and delicious lunch.

Belva B. Bailey for Barbara Coker.

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