The Minutes of the Annual Williams-Tyler Family Reunion, 2004

Minutes from the 64th Annual Willams-Tyler Reunion held on May 1, 2004.

The 64th annual Williams-Tyler Reunion was held Saturday May 1st at 11:30 at the Willow Swamp Baptist Church Fellowship Hall of Norway, SC.

At 11:50 Bragg Willams, Pres brought the meeting to order and gave a devotional from Amos chapter 9 verse 13. He gave an analogy between the soil of the earth putting forth roots, producing fruits and the roots of our families producing service to God. He said our family is like the soil. Our roots are our families. They are a gift from God. God blessed us in giving us the gift of the soil of our forefathers' hard work, He made the point that the soil we walk on (and he brought a sample in) is the same soil our forefathers tread on. God gave us the gifts of Christian families to be productive and fruitful like the soil, to be in service to God. He closed the devotional with the thought that the soil of our forefathers must serve as a reminder to make God and family a priority.

The business meeting was then held. Beth King, Sec read the minutes from the May 3, 2003 reunion and they were seconded and approved.

Jimmy Williams (Norway) Treasurer reported a balance in the account of $868.95 There was a cost of 60.00 for postage. The money box was offered for those who wanted to give to the cost of supplies. He made a request to update addresses.

Leland Williams reported that Loren Williams' youngest son David has started a Website for the Williams-Tyler family. The Williams and Tyler Families book by Wyman L. Williams is on the website. David asked that additions and corrections for families be emailed to him in the same style as the book with the numbers. Leland gave a handout to all the family with information about the website. He asked for better quality photos of Willow Swamp Baptist Church to be sent to him.

Jimmy Williams (VA) could not be here. He continues to search for ancestral roots and is involved in a DNA project in which he sent in his DNA and found he is related to family from Surry VA. Also Burrel Williams went to a website who may know who Theolphilus' father was. Burrel and Bonnie were thanked for coming and sharing this information.

Births are recorded in the private section of the site and the paper file copy of Williams/Tyler Reunions; they are not included in the public minutes for security reasons.

No marriages were reported.

Death of Steve Noel, husband of Regan Williams Noel Jan or Feb 2003.

Death of Daisy Inabinet Funchess Williams in 2002.

Nominating committee (Jimmy, Leland, Milton) suggested same 3 officers continue for next year. This was approved by general consensus. Nominating committee said they will need to elect a new nominating committee next year.

Jimmy suggested that we offer to pay David for his website expenses. Leland offered that at this time his expenses were minimal though the endeavor was time consuming. Jimmy also suggested that we make a 200.00 donation to the Willow Swamp Baptist Church Cemetery Fund in memory of the Williams and Tyler families. This was approved by general consensus. Everyone was asked to sign the attendance book. Jimmy led us in prayer and blessed the food. A delicious lunch was enjoyed by all.

Respectfully submitted by Beth W. King Sec May 7, 2005

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