The Minutes of the Annual Williams-Tyler Family Reunion, 2005

Minutes from the 65th Annual Williams-Tyler Reunion held on May 7, 2005

The 65th annual Williams-Tyler Reunion was held on May 7, 2005 at 11:30 at the Willow Swamp Baptist Church Fellowship Hall in Norway, SC.

At 11:45 Jimmy Williams (Treas) standing in for Bragg Williams (Pres) brought the meeting to order and called on Jim King to bring the devotional. He spoke about family and used scripture from Deuteronomy as his text.

The minutes from the 64th annual reunion were read by Beth King, (Sec) and approved.

Jimmy Williams (Treas) reported balance of $302.00. The money box was offered for those who wanted to give to the cost of supplies however he said that the present balance was sufficient. He reported the names of family members whose invitations had been returned as undeliverable and requested that updates be made.

Reports of Births, Marriages and Deaths followed:


Births are recorded in the private section of the site and the paper file copy of Williams/Tyler Reunions; they are not included in the public minutes for security reasons.


Ashley Williams married Trevor Benton July 2004. She is the daughter of Lee and Colleen Williams and granddaughter of Lois Williams.

Jane Clegg, daughter of Trisha Williams married (spouse)___________ (date)______.

Margaret Ivy Williams married Robert Illisie July 2004. Ivy is the daughter of Courtney Cloer Norton and is the great-granddaughter of Marshall Burns and Margaret Williams.


Mrs. (May) Yates Williams, Sr. died August 6, 2004. She was the wife of Yates Snowden Williams, Sr. and the mother of Yates Snowden Williams, Junior and Betsy Carol Williams Hegg.

Rev James A. Holston of Johnston SC died____________(date) . He was survived by his widow Jean Bonnette Holston. Jean is the only daughter of Mattie Lee Williams Bonnette and Roy Bonnett. They have four children, Arnold, Allen, Jeannette, and ________________.

Ruth Williams died_______(date). She was the widow of Charles Braxton Williams. They have two children, Charles Devineau Williams (wife is Toula) and Patricia (Tricia) Williams Owens (husband is Randolph (Randy) Owens).

Robert L Bailey, Jr. died October 25, 2004. He was the son of Bob and Belva Bailey.

Nominating Committee: Jimmy reported that the nominating committee (Jimmy, Leland, Milton) had nominated Milton Dufford for Pres, Jimmy Williams for Treas and Beth King for Secretary. This was approved by general consensus.

Jimmy asked that a spokesperson from each family report who was in attendance.

There were no family members in attendance from the following families: The Tylers, Laura Bell Williams Bell, Annie Lou Williams and the Aubrey Grady Williams family.

From the Charles Hiram Williams family: Margaret S. Williams, Karen and Charles H. Williams were present. The following were present from the Oscar Tyler Williams family: Edna H. Williams and her friends Mozelle Bowen and Jim Stoller. Glen Tyler Williams, Jane Williams Clayton and her friend Jimmy Stockman, Jim King and Beth Williams King and James Lee and Katherine King, Milton and Esther Dufford.

From the Shelley Sylvester Williams family: Shelley S. Williams, Jr and Barbara J. Williams.

From the Braxton Bragg Williams family the following were present: Jimmy Williams, Louise Williams and her daughter in law Ann Curry and her daughter Sydney.

From family of Ollie Mae Williams Dantzler family: Blonde, Frankie and Heyward Dantzler.

From the family of Wyman Loren Williams: Leland H. Williams.

The following members of the Woodrow Williams family of Springfield, SC were present: Dr. Byron Williams and his mother Kathleen Williams.

Jim King said the blessing and a wonderful lunch was enjoyed by all. This was the first time in the history of the Williams-Tyler family reunion that absolutely no one brought tea or anything else to drink. Glen Williams went to Norway and purchased some tea and soft drinks. Everyone was encouraged to bring a gallon of tea next year.

Respectfully submitted by Beth W. King, Secretary May 6, 2006

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