Williams Family Military History

I've broken out a couple of the longer messages so they are here as underlined links. And I've edited the messages just a tiny amount. Please let me know if I've left out something I souldn't have or left in something best left out. (I've also tried to get point out who folks are in case some one stumbles across this who doesn't know.)--David1

Lee2 started us out with this email from 5/28/02:

The recent Civil War remembrance at Willow Swamp Cemetery and this weekend's Memorial Day activities got me thinking about the military service of members of my family. I know of the three brothers' service in the Navy and Air Force but would like to know more so that I can share it with the next generation. Would each of you send all of us a story from your time in the service?

The girls and I had the privilege of hearing General Paul Tibbets (Enola Gay pilot) speak yesterday in Roswell. After he spoke there was an "open mike" time. It was remarkable the number of men who stood up to thank General Tibbets for their lives - one was in a POW camp and had expected to be executed the next day, one was on a troop ship headed for the invasion of Japan, another's father was also headed for the invasion and another one's father spent his career in the Air Force safely flying the planes which Gen. Tibbets tested after WWII.

This also got me to wondering about Granddaddy's military service - or lack of it. I know he was too young for WWI but I assume the draft was in effect yet I don't recall ever hearing that he served and I don't recall hearing why he didn't. Was an academic exemption available then?

Someone fill me in!

- Lee

Leland3 responded later that day with this.

Leland followed up on 5/30/02 with this:

Loren and Cooper know about the World War II Memorial and Registry. Here is the poop for Lee and Carolee and others. Go to www.wwiimemorial.com for information about the memorial to be built on Washington mall. Go to www.wwiimemorial.com/Registry/Search.aspx to search the online memorial registry. I have enrolled my three Hendry uncles and my brother, Loren.

There is also a Navy Memorial on Constitution Avenue. We enjoyed ocassional events there when we lived in NVA. Lee, you visited a NORTEL office that overlooked the Navy Memorial. The Navy Memorial also has an online Navy Log. Go to www.lonesailor.org to learn more about the Navy Memorial and to see my entry in the Navy Log. You can also see my entry on onsite computers. BTW, the Navy Memorial has an IMAX theater with one of the best shows in town. Loren, you could get in the Navy Log, possibly from the website, surely by email enquiry to ahoy@lonesailor.org Cost is $25 for entry, $25 for photo, $25 for a one to two page story about your service. I have done the first two.

Lee, toward fulfilling my commitment to write more on the subject, please return my brief email on this subject from Charleston. I lost my copy "in transit."


[Other interesting web sites to visit:

-- David]

Loren (Jr.)4 sent this on 6/3.

Lee resonded later 6/3/02:

Great stuff! Loren - thanks for writing this.

And Loren (III)5 added (also 6/3):

This was great. I hadn't known about your attempt to enlist in the USMC. Was it inspired by a desire to avenge your Uncle Pete's death?

The four events that you relay are all familiar to me, hearing you tell about them when we were kids. But one that you didn't mention here had something to do with being in a theater in Australia, I think, and an attempt to be culturally sensitive that backfired. Could you share that one as well?

Later on the same day Cooper6 sent this.

And on 6/4/02 Cooper followed up with this:

I never knew you tried to enlist in the Marines or that Pete's untimely death was the motivating factor. I can still see him through the kitchen window walking toward our house, in uniform, to spend the weekend with us while he was in training at Ft. Jackson.

Later 6/4 Leland responded with this:

These stories are fascinating. I did not know about Loren's attempt to join the Marines, nor any of his four stories. I think I had heard Cooper's story about the Colonel around the corner. BRASH! But successful. I have a similar story about my non-draft experience. Later.

Lee, thanks for starting this. BTW, Bob Greene has a wonderful book entitled "DUTY," subtitle "A FATHER, HIS SON, AND THE MAN WHO WON THE WAR." It is about Bob Greene, his father, and General Paul Tibbets.


Loren (Jr.) responded to Loren (III)'s request with this on 6/8/02.

1) David Williams, Loren (III)'s brother and son of Loren (Jr.).

2) Lee Williams, son of Lelend.

3) Leland Williams, one of the "brothers" sons of Wyman Loren Williams (Sr.).

4) Loren Williams (Jr.), the oldest of the "brothers".

5) Loren Williams (III), the oldest son of Loren (Jr.).

6) Cooper Williams, the youngest of the "brothers".