The Plate and Mug Collection

Lee sent along these pictures of the plates and mugs which I remember from our grandparents house in Columbia. I remember them on a shelf running around the breakfast room, but I'm open to correction if my memory is faulty. They tried to collect something from each of their three sons and 8 grandchildren. I can't match up schools to people, but I'm happy to update this if someone wants to pass that along. There is a larger version of each photo; just click to see it.
Michigan, SUNY Albany, W Michigan University, University of Toronto
Wisconsin, Rochester, University of Washington,
University of California, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Cornell, Dartmouth, Montana, Oklahoma State, University of Colorado, University of Oregon
University of Wyoming, Washington University,
University of Georgia, Stanford
Virginia Commonwealth University, Pennsylvania State, Ohio State
Anderson, San Francisco, Chicago, New Orleans Baptist
University of Pittsburgh, Miami,Rice, University of Florida
University of Tennessee, Brown, Atlanta, Philadelphia

Leland sent this note about the plates and mugs 10/3/10:
Good idea, Lee and David, to put the plates and stories on the web. Cornelia and I believe the plates and mugs, on and hanging under shelves over the breakfast room benches (first there was one shelf over each bench, then there were two -- Cornelia remembers only one), were all from their 2 annual math meetings. Granddaddy belonged to the Mathematical Association of America (teaching oriented) and the American Mathematical Society (research oriented). The meetings were usually held on college/university campuses. AMS meetings were always just after Christmas. I remember seeing them off on the train for some of these AMS meetings. When I was close to my PhD, they took Cornelia and me along for the AMS meeting in Chicago. This gave them an occasion to reminisce with us about their honeymoon in Chicago. And for me to embarrass everybody by stepping on the Lake Michigan ice and breaking through. They took me to their honeymoon hotel, which was nearby, where my trousers were pressed dry.

On the cabinet wall of the breakfast room, they had some plates relating to their sons. There was a small one from Univ of Edinburgh for us. Maybe UGA and Duke as well. Maybe UT for Loren. Maybe Air Force for Cooper.

David, you will be getting an email invitation to a Williams/Tyler event in Atlanta on Oct 14. If that coincides with your quick trip, perhaps you could go. Loren and Susan were there for the one previous such event.


Carolee followed up with this later in the day:
Thanks all for doing this. What wonderful memories in the room that the plates adorned. The senorita or waitress serving meals Sunday dinners of alphabet cereal (too sweet a cereal to be served at home) Cookies with pecans and cookies with sprinkles Drawers that slide out and down with cutlery The grandkids being around the table

But then when I think of the plates and all of the those universities, they were an early subtle entre into the world of colleges. As were our trips to the math department.

BTW, I vote for one shelf of plates.
Love to all,

And then Cooper passed this along:
I remember the two shelves over each bench. I also remember the "food fight" in the breakfast room among the grandchildren under the aforementioned double shelves while the "adults" tried without success to have a quiet meal in the dining room.