Hendry Family List

Enoch Hendry loaned me a list of decendants of John Hendry of Arran, Scotland; since it was hard copy, I've scanned it but didn't try to convert it to text. So here a links to the twenty pages; each page is a single graphic file about 75KB in size. If an electronic copy becomes available, I'll gladly replace this list.
Thanks for sharing that Enoch!

Please note: there are some typos on these pages (listed below) which I will try to clean up. Steve is working on running the pages through OCR software to turn then into editable text, which I'll use to replace the graphics and clean up the text as I get the text files and time allows.

  1. page 1
  2. page 2
  3. page 3
  4. page 4
  5. page 5
  6. page 6
  7. page 7
  8. page 8
  9. page 9
  10. page 10
  11. page 11
  12. page 12
  13. page 13
  14. page 14
  15. page 15
  16. page 16
  17. page 17
  18. page 18
  19. page 19
  20. page 20

Known Typos
page 17 David Allen Williams should be David Andrew Williams
page 17 Leland Hendry Williams III should be Leland Hendry Williams Jr.
please forward corrections to: davewill@kayakero.net, thanks.

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