Williams - Zapolsky Wedding

Places to Go and Things to Do

We hope our guests will take advantage of the visit to see some of the sites the Washington metro area has to offer:

Smithsonian Castle Touristy: Dinner Restaurants (favorites close-by):
  • Old Town Thai, 300 King Street (three blocks up from the river)
  • Los Amigos, 1905 Mt. Vernon Ave.
  • King Henry Deli, corner of King and Henry: funky, fan-like (for those familiar with Richmond), cheap, good food
  • Good fresh seafood:
    • Seaport Inn, 6 King St.
    • The Wharf, 119 King St.
    • The Fish Market, 105 King St.
  • Washington Post Restuarant Guide
Panda Outdoorsy:
  • The Potomac River -- Great Falls is about 10 miles upstream with parks on both sides; Little Falls is about 5 miles upstream with nice kayaking (class III - V depending on the water level)
  • The National Zoo is in Northwest DC
Metro Station Other:

Seattle Swingers Kid Specific:

For Kids Not for Kids