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17 Sunset

old and new house map Sarah Zapolsky and David Williams
17 Sunset Drive
Alexandria, VA 22301-2635
The phone number remains 703-684-5430. Sarah put together a great change of address letter (with a little influence from her brother's current employer). Directions.
Sarah & David

Front Door The move was just a few blocks, since we like the neighborhood so much; now we're closer to metro and Old Town Alexandria. Those familiar with Richmond's Fan neighborhood will understand why this house reminds David of 2112 Stuart Avenue there. View from Masonic Temple
Counterspace!!! One of the many changes (even if we didn't change neighborhoods) is the kitchen, we now have more counter space than the width of a drain rack. And if you look closely you will see there is even a dishwasher (which we've already gotten used to). We're still playing with where to put pots and pans, dry goods and cans, but I'm not sure we've adjusted to actually having counterspace yet.
blue ceiling Sarah and I decided to try our hand at painting and repainted the guest bedroom (yes, we have a guest bedroom now that isn't filled up with computer stuff) complete with blue ceiling and the 3rd bedroom / study. I insisted the study stay a dark tone and we may have gone to far for most folks, although I like it (maybe it's just my sick and twisted tastes).
It's ours! Before we painted, and while we were still in shock, we opened a very nice bottle of champagne in our new dinning room after we returned to the house from the closing. Note the very casual, we do this all the time dress for the closing. (Sarah still has a pen in her jacket pocket for paper signing -- though, not surprisingly, the settlement folks had several jars of pens on the table when we were signing the 726 pieces of paper to make the sale final.)

So you know where to find us now and we have space for guests so come visit!
The trick to getting to our new house is to remember that Sunset is one way southwest (towards King Street) so you need to approach from Commonwealth. Also, parking is less than ideal since you are only allowed to park on the right side of the street. Directions and maps

(We replaced most of the pipes in August, 2002.)