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Plumbing Repairs, August 2002

We decided our old, galvanized pipes needed to be replaced. There was a joint between two types of metal in the hot water pipe to the bathroom -- that had turned into a weak battery that was helping to corrode the 80 year old pipes. Old, galvanized pipes in the bathroom (seen from the hole in the living room ceiling).
Coming home in mid-repairs. So we called back our friendly plumber, Robert Beckwith (RLB Services) to pull out the pipes and replace them. He brought in his friend, Tommy Edwards, to handle the wall repairs. It was not the huge mess we had expected. The walls are some form of gypsum board rather than plaster on lathe, as David expected.
So Bob and Tommy were able to make a couple clean holes in the wall and ceiling rather than having the entire wall fall about at the first touch of a saw. That was a great sign for the project going well. Holes in wall and ceiling
New pipes in the basement. And, indeed, it did go well. We now have nice, new, shiny copper pipes from the entrance to the house, across the basement and up into the bathroom -- the kitchen pipes had already been replaced.
We even have some new external spigots with internal cut-off valves. As long as we remember the cut-off valves, we shouldn't need to worry about frozen external pipes this winter. New cutoff valve
All sewn up. The seemed to do a great job patching the holes in the walls. Which just left us to...
Paint the living room. Is this really the right color?
Two happy living room cats. Which turned out rather nicely, Zip and Max seem to think.