Baby Showers

We were lucky enough to be given a lovely baby shower at work presided over by Sarah's boss, Bob Prisuta (below). He mentioned the preparation for parenthood provided by working with some of the groups in AARP. Complete with baby food tasting and other games. Sarah's Knowledge Management coworkers
Bob Prisuta There were several wonderful cards
Sarah had some trouble with the carrot baby food David keeping score
Tom and Em's decked out house This was preceded by another fabulous baby shower that weekend (complete with BBQ dinner) at Tom and Em's. Janek, who handled most of the arrangements long distance from Miami, came up to visit and help with the preparations. (And discuss teaching with the other educators in the crowd: something about ungrateful college students turning in papers with no references....) There was also a lot of visiting and catching up with friends (Bob and Celia where there -- Bob taking a lot of these photos, JB, Suz -- who made a lovely quilt for Jr., Hank and Sally, and lots of cute kids to convince us we haven't lost our minds with this parenthood idea).
Natalie, Ken and Wyatt Sally, Hank, Janek, and Emily discuss the poor state of students these days
JB, Sarah, Clark and Emily Natalie and Cassidy
Bill, Sally. Emily, Tom and Sarah getting ready to cut the cake Sally's not sure about Hanks ideas
Sarah with an audience Sarah with an audience
The dinner was awesome, and the cake was great (even for the adults, some of whom had two pieces). And we received lots of useful things (like the neck pillow David is sporting below). Katie, our previous next door neighbor (they moved out to the 'burbs to run into Ken and Nancy and Tom and Emily and their assorted kids), is discovering that it's harder than it used to be to hug Sarah.
David wearing a Boppy Katie tries to hug Sarah
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