Thanksgiving, November 2006

November 23, 2006. You could argue that we are somewhere in the middle of Highland Park, NJ, Orlando and Seattle. And we did.
So Harry and Elle came down, Nick came up and David, Lindsay and Ian came over to our place for Thanksgiving this year. We all really enjoyed the chance to visit and catch up. Robert had a great time with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousin Ian.
One cool new gadget Robert's Grandpa sent our way is a magic TBall pitcher. Cousin Ian had a good time showing Robert how it worked, how hold a bat and how to hit a grand slam home run (in the house -- they are pretty soft balls). November 23, 2006.
November 23, 2006. November 23, 2006.
November 24, 2006. Then it was time to head over the Blue park for some outdoor practice... Sarah and her boys were very good at taking turns: Robert took a couple pitches, then Ian, then David then it was Robert's turn again.
It's not clear if Ian or David was more serious about the game. But I think Robert had the most fun, which is saying a lot. The weather was pretty great for late November (especially for the Seattlites, who were fleeing from the wettest November on record -- which is also saying a lot). November 24, 2006.
November 24, 2006. November 24, 2006.
November 24, 2006. November 24, 2006.
November 25, 2006. Of course with all the excellent chefs in the house, the Thanksgiving meal was great. It's too bad the long weekend had to end.
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