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David Williams Bios

Short version for Forrester Conf:

David Williams is the manager of web technology for AARP Services Inc.

In that capacity, David oversees the hardware and software responsible for presenting AARP's public Web presence: redundant web farms in AARP's Washington, DC and Lakewood, CA data centers, the content management system which drives the bulk of the content and the infrastructe bits to keep it all running.

David was involved in AARP's launch of it's initial web site in 1996; built the simple CMS behind; led the migration effort from a single, brand-name web server to redundant commodity servers, and the follow on effort of converting a diverse site composed of individual HTML pages to one managed by the Zope content management system.

Along the way David has added a reccomendation feature to the open source search engine ht://Dig, built an internal work tracking system and developed lightweight replication for the Postgresql database.